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bejj kloth

bejj kloth

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The bejj kloth is an ultra-soft and silky bacterial resistance cloth that is an essential part to your daily cleansing routine. 

bejj kloth acts as a reusable wet wipe and glides over your skin, thoroughly removing impurities such as dried skin, built-up oil and dirt from blocked pores and make-up residue without damaging the epidermis layer of skin. bejj kloth dries firm preventing bacterial growth, keeping it hygienic until your next use.


The bejj kloth is ideal for:
• Removing make-up
• Cleansing routine
• Removing exfoliants and face masks
• Drying and damping

bejj kloth is suitable for:
• All skin types, in particular for those who suffer from sensitive and problematic skin conditions such as acne and breakouts
• Eyelash extensions
• Botox injections or facial injectables

Works best with bejj butter make-up remover cleansing balm.

How to use

Apply cleanser, bejj butter make-up remover, exfoliant or face mask as per your usual skincare routine. Rinse your bejj kloth in warm water and squeeze excess. Gently glide over your face to remove product. Rinse bejj kloth after each use and hang to dry.


Made from 100% pure non-abrasive PVA material without gauze.
Machine washable
20.5cm x 20.5cm x 3mm
Size will vary after use and care

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